Lifestyle photographer, Jeff Stockwell recently went on an epic adventure to the Pacific Northwest with a car load of his buddies and the photos emerging from his trip are pretty spectacular.  We were curious about what inspired this trip so we tracked Jeff down to ask him some questions.

Andrea: What inspired you to head to the PNW?

Jeff: I have always loved the Pacific Northwest it's one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

A: Where did you go in the PNW?

J: I took the 101 all the way to Portland so we stopped at all the little Port Towns between LA and Portland. Then from Portland we headed to Seattle and then made our way to Cape flattery. On the way we made a stop in Olympic national Park.

A: Who did you travel with?

J: My friend flew in from Boise and he came with me from LA to Seattle. When I was in Portland I picked up my other friend from San Francisco and he came with me all the way to Cape flattery.  I dropped him back off in San Francisco.

A: Roadtrips can be filled with unexpected adventures and challenges, Did anything funny or weird or inconvenient happen?

J: Nothing too crazy happened my truck ran great which is pretty surprising for almost a 30-year-old truck. We didn't run out of gas get stuck, or get a flat tire or anything. All in all it was a pretty smooth trip!

A: What do you love about going on roadtrips and taking photos along the way?

J: I just love telling stories through my photography…I think that's one of my favorite aspects of it. When I was a kid I grew up traveling the country in a Volkswagen vanagon with my family. We would go on trips for three weeks at a time and go to all the national parks. So it's something that I've kind of grown up with and I’ve always really felt at home on the road.

Well, we sure hope Jeff keeps taking road-trips because it clearly inspires him to take amazing photos and makes us all want to travel to these ridiculously beautiful. Where's my volkwagen vanagon? I'm ready to hit the road.  

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