In this interview, PhotoServe talks to Stern about her career, and what it takes to be a photo agent in this ever-changing business.

Peter Berberian: How did you come to represent photographers?

Andrea Stern: Photography has always been my passion. I started out in this industry as a photographer.  When I first began, I was shooting stills for commercials and movie sets, and then took the leap and went to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. That’s where I learned that I really enjoyed the business aspect of this industry more than the actual shooting.

PB: Is there a particular image from your childhood that made you want to go into the visual arts?

AS: When I was a photographer, Annie Lebovitz was my hero. I hung a torn New York Times front page article with a picture of her shooting on some tall building next to my bed. She represented the ultimate success to me. She uses humor and captures the spirit and essence of whoever is in front of her camera. I believe what I’m seeing, which is the magic of effective commercial advertising.

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