12 hours of shooting in a studio is no easy feat. But for a day in the life of product photographer Toby Pederson it is a schedule he is used to.
Toby recently shot Oakley's new line of sunglasses and helmets. Glasses with bright vibrant greens and oranges and built to to maximize contrast and enhance visibility. It was very important that these glasses were shot to perfection, crisp + accurately representative of their true color and shape.
Toby shot with a Canon 5DSr, a 100mm macro lens and a set up of Broncolor lights.
Such precision is needed in product photography like this and Toby's meticulous attention to detail and light is what makes his work shine. 
When asked what some of the challenges were for this shoot the team expessed that navigating reflections in the lenses can be very hard.  Especially if the camera angle is such that the camera is reflecting in the lenses of the glasses. Sometimes getting the lens color and transparency correct can be challenging.
Despite the challenges Toby + his team came through and created some exquisite images for Oakley.
Check out some of Toby's beautiful Oakley images below.
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Selection of Oakley images retouched by KhazStudios.com
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