Jeff Stockwell has quickly built a name for himself as one of the hottest car + lifestyle shooters on the block.  He brings his love for good design, hip style, and the great outdoors to everything he shoots, elevating his storytelling and bringing his images to life. 
We sat down with Jeff to find more about this new project, shooting an adventure story for sustainable clothing brand Toad&Co. 
SternRep: Jeff, where was this shot and what was the inspiration for the shoot?
Jeff: This project was shot in Ojai. They were looking for an outdoors vibe with a natural undertone.
SternRep: When shooting lifestyle, what are you always looking for and trying to bring out in your models?
Jeff: I like to make everything feel real so I just focus on making them feel comfortable. I am always striving to get real reactions from my models.
SternRep: What was the set-up? Lighting / gear / assistants?
Jeff: Every set up was different, I did use some lighting on particular shots and on others we utilized natural light with a bit of bounce. 
SternRep: What do you love most about shooting lifestyle?
Jeff: I just love the freedom, to kind of play around and have fun. 
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