I am fortunate to meet a lot of excellent and talented photographers every day. I created Temp Repping as I saw a need for this in our market today, as not every photographer needs a full time rep. This is how I met Vinnie Finn. I’m not sure where he heard of me but he started calling me to help him bid on jobs. I had an immediate excited reaction to who he was and the temp repping afforded us both some time to get to know each other. 

It really worked. 

Vinnie comes from a client background as he was an art director at an ad agency. He sees the process from his experience and shoots from that place. He has that objective designer’s eye that knows what is needed in an image and what is not. That objective eye is valuable as most photographers find that to be the most challenging aspect of this business. 

He creates food and drink images based on his design experience mixed with his natural foodie self. He enjoys food. The best way to become a successful photographer is by shooting what you enjoy most. It shows in the work and Vinnie makes me feel like I’m the foodie when I see his images. 

Vinnie was the full package deal for me and it was an easy transition to rep him on a full time basis. I’m proud to make this official! 


Check out more of Vinnie's work at www.vinniefinn.com