WARNING! Don’t read any further if you’re hungry.

Product photographer Vinnie Finn gets it. Delicious food deserves to be preserved in time for all its glory, because let’s be honest… food that looks this good is not going to last long once it hits your plate.

But Vinnie Finn?

He does more than just take a photo worthy of an Instagram post. He turns that food pic into contemporary graphic art. Part photographer and part lighting wizard, Vinnie takes food photography to the next level.

Finn’s unique perspective on food photography doesn’t stop at the creation of the images. He finds ways to bring the food to life, combining images into memorable gifs that make you hear the butter sizzle as it slides into the individual canyons of a Belgian Waffle.

He turns that ever present single broken egg you discover as you return from the grocery store into an image that makes you shed a tear and think “There is a reason for everything that happens in this world”. He has a sense of design and perspective on pops of color that tell as much of a story about the food as the conversation you may have while eating it.

Finn’s eye for modern lines, creative use of symmetry, and true to life saturated color palettes craft visual art that makes even your fork question “Is stabbing this waffle really the right thing to do?”.

Contain yourself, forky, grab a napkin, and try to catch that drool while you scroll.


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