Food photographer Vinnie Finn has been busy with pizza cheese pulls for Pizza Hut. Warm traditional restaurant style, mixed with the natural light Vinnie brings to his graphic look. We had a virtual sit-down with Vinnie to get the scoop on this shoot captured in the current time of COVID.

SternRep: What was the inspiration? 

Vinnie: Pizza Hut's creative team is really embracing the nostalgia and aesthetic of the classic Pizza Hut restaurant. Think red leather booths, red checkered tabletops and stained glass chandeliers. We leaned into that by creating a moody atmosphere, directional light with dark surfaces.

SternRep: Where did you shoot?

Vinnie: We shot at Pizza Hut's private studio in Culver City.

SternRep: How many shots?

Vinnie: We shot over 300 images total. There were actually three back to back shoots at the end of 2020 which was my introduction to the agency and the brand. One campaign shoot, one social media motion shoot and one library shoot. It was by far the most most consecutive days I’ve ever shot.

SternRep: How many days of shooting?

Vinnie: We basically shot for a month and half straight through the weekends. 41 days in total, took a short break for thanksgiving weekend.

SternRep: What’s your favorite shot?

Vinnie: That’s a really tough one. There was a macro shot on the shot list for the launch of their new Detroit-Style pizza and instead of composing the shot and working with the food stylist to perfect it like we normally do, I decided to get a bunch of handheld options. We got a lot more interesting options than we usually do and the client seemed really happy with that approach.

SternRep:  What were the shoot days like? Any anecdotes?

Vinnie: Pizza Hut is a pretty well oiled machine, they have their own fully equipped studio and have been shooting within a set system for a very long time. Coming in as their new photographer was a little bit of a dance there are the beginning, it was a fine line to walk. Luckily everyone on their team encouraged pushing the creative and allowed me space to find my groove.


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