It’s engaging. It’s energetic. It’s emotional.


Video content is everywhere these days, and it’s popularity is palpable for a reason. Consumers love it because the information is easy to digest in often bite sized snippets. Brands love it because it’s ability to keep eyes on the screen means high potential ROI.

At SternRep, our photographers know motion. And that’s why we felt it deserved a special brand spankin’ new page on our site to show it to you.

From the deliciously technical food, beverage and cosmetic's GIFs from Vinnie Finn to the eye-catching product displays from Toby Pederson, you’re bound to bounce down a rabbit hole of content.


Up for more of a high octane encounter? Let Paul Barshon take you for a ride over rough terrain and through the skies with his RED cameras and drone skills.


Or how about a trip down memory lane? Jeff Stockwell is well stocked with experience crafting moving memories reminiscent of classic old school 8mm film for Vans.


Looking for lifestyle vibes that inspire? Caleb Kuhl knows how to move those heartstrings with emotional family moments and more.


From small teams with small nimble footprints to large scale productions, our skilled photographers make excellent Directors of Photography, crafting high-quality digital commercial content to inspire their clients’ consumers to click play over and over again. Their experience capturing still images translates beautifully to motion, with their understanding of light, movement, and knack for making talent feel comfortable in front of the lens fostering authentically engaging footage.

To find out which photographer’s work moves you, check out our brand new MOTION PAGE to see their work.